What is it? 

The term Mommy Makeover is coined for any collection of surgeries or surgery that are meant to restore a woman’s pre-pregnancy physique. Some of the procedures chosen for this may include plastic surgeries such as –


Childbirth or pregnancy is hard on a woman’s body. Other factors such as breast feeding and sleepless nights add to the problem. Huntington Beach women who have undergone multiple pregnancies often have trouble restoring their bodies back to their former glory with the help of traditional methods such as workout plans or diets. A mommy makeover addresses and corrects these changes. The best candidates for the procedure are usually women who –

  • Don’t plan to have any more children
  • Have certain bodily issues that have not responded to exercise or diets
  • Are done with breastfeeding in order to undergo breast procedures
  • Have taken time off to allow for a full recovery

Amongst the areas the procedure targets are the following –

The Abdomen

Most Huntington Beach women have an hourglass figure before pregnancy. During pregnancy the abdomen tends to stretch out as the baby grows and retains a square shape. As a result, a bulge forms either in the lower or higher portion of the abdomen. A C-section scar may result in a step off and the belly button may become misshapen. These changes can be addressed and rectified through procedures like a tummy tuck.

The Face

Post pregnancy may result in acne breakouts or scattered post partum pigmentation or melasma.

Thighs and Hips

A woman is required to eat for two or more depending on how many children she has during her pregnancy. Taking off the weight gained can become a problem after it. Fat usually accumulates on the outer thighs, the hips and the back region. It can become downright impossible to get rid of it through traditional means that might have worked before like exercise plans. Procedures such as liposuction can be used to restore these areas back to their former glory.


The breasts are often fuller and firmer during and after pregnancy. However, this is generally short lived as they can sag and droop over time. The skin can sag and the areola may widen. Procedures such as silicon or saline implants can restore the breasts back to their original appearance or enhance them.

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The Procedure

Huntington Beach patients are usually instructed on what to do before the mommy makeover. Women who opt for it are advised to follow the surgeon’s instructions to the letter as this can affect the outcome of the surgery. The recovery time will be longer if more than one procedure is done at a time. Most mommy makeover surgeries require general anesthesia. The time for recovery varies. Most patients will need assistance at home post surgery for tasks such as taking meals or their prescribed medication at least during the first 24 hours. Any drainage tubes that are inserted are usually removed around a week later by the doctor. Until the sponges or bandages are removed, patients are recommended to refrain from showering.

In addition, surgical garments may be recommended in order to promote healing or prevent blood clots from forming. Swelling and bruising is common but usually subside within a few days. The doctor may advise the patient against engaging in any strenuous activities as well.


Liposuction – Having fat extracted from the body isn’t as glamorous as it sounds but it does have a telling affect. The procedure can take anywhere from two hours to 45 minutes. The fat is removed through a vacuum like process and is designed to create a smoother body contour.

Breast Lift – This plastic surgery procedure is meant to improve the appearance of sagging breasts that have become that way due to breastfeeding. Also known as a mastopexy, this surgery addresses the skin of the breasts, volume and its connective tissue. In other words, it removes or reshapes excess skin, repositions the nipples and raises the remaining tissue.

Breast Augmentation – This surgery brings a woman’s cup size back to its original appearance pre-pregnancy. Also known as breast enlargement, this surgery accommodates the use of silicon or gel based implants. The final result depends on the patient’s body, the look or shape she desires to have and her desired cup size. An experienced plastic surgeon is recommended in times such as these. He/she will emphasize realistic results that are safe for the patient’s size, height or shape.

Tummy Tuck – This is done to relieve skin sagging in the abdomen. The surgery does not help Huntington Beach patients lose weight. Instead, it is meant to flatten an area that just won’t tighten. Tummy tucks come in three categories –

  • Mini tummy tuck – This is a scarless tummy tuck or results in very small scars. It is used to tighten the lower skin of the abdominal wall
  • Standard tummy tuck – This procedure tightens the skin of the abdominal wall and involves moderate scarring
  • Extended tummy tuck – This involves extreme cases of skin and tissue. It is used to tighten the abdomen, sides or flanks.

A surgeon recommends the type of procedure Huntington Beach patients should go for depending on their unique case and the category they fall under.

Associated Costs

The total cost of a mommy makeover may range from $4000 to $14000 depending on the types of procedures chosen or recommended by doctors. The price may vary according to factors such as the surgeon’s fee, cost of anesthesia, the doctor’s level of expertise or level of training, geographical location of medical facility and others. Huntington Beach patients are advised to consult with their doctors regarding costs before they commit to the procedure. Not all the surgeries involved are supported by healthcare insurance.

Patients are advised to choose certified surgeons who are experienced in carrying out mommy makeovers in whole and not just the single procedures that are included in it.

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