O Shot

It is unfortunate but true—many women in Orange County struggle to find sexual satisfaction with their partner. For most, the general effects of age, childbirth, and menopause are to blame as these life experiences often leave women with an inability to desire sex or reach orgasm as they did in their younger years. Thankfully, you do not have to settle for a lackluster sex life. Dr. Vu can help by using a revolutionary treatment called the O Shot. ...
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There is a way to correct these unwanted and uncomfortable changes to the vagina. When you choose Dr. Vu in Orange County for labiaplasty, he can fully restore your labia minora in a quick and low-risk procedure....
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Butt Implants

If you are unhappy with the shape and appearance of your buttocks, butt implants can provide the sexy derriere you’ve always wanted. With years of experience providing Orange County residents with natural-looking, beautiful results, Dr. Vu can help you finally fit into curvy jeans and show off your bum at the beach with confidence....
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Breast Revision

Breast revision surgery is sometimes required to address complications or poor results from a previous breast augmentation. Other times, Orange County women seek the help of Dr. Vu simply because they want to change the size of their original implants. But no matter the reason, if you need or desire breast revision, Dr. Vu can help....
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Skin Care at California Aesthetic Center

Understanding skincare products can be difficult, and evaluating the quality of various products can be confusing. Dr. Vu wants to help patients understand a couple of skincare product lines so they can be better informed as to their options....
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