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All Huntington Beach and Orange County women want to look and feel great. But for some, the small size of their breasts makes them feel that they just don’t have the body they want. They may be uncomfortable hitting up the beach in a bikini or wearing certain clothes designed to show off cleavage because they lack this very natural look. For these reasons, hundreds of Huntington Beach and Orange County women consult with plastic surgeon Dr. Vu every year about getting breast implants placed.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty as it is known in medical terms, is a surgical procedure that is done to increase a woman’s breasts to the desired size, and it’s one of the most popular procedures that Huntington Beach and Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Vu performs. The procedure incorporates the use of breast implants that are surgically inserted under the chest muscles of breasts to give a patient the look and curves she wants.

This cosmetic procedure is usually carried out on an outpatient basis in Dr. Vu’s office and doesn’t take more than two hours at the most. However, sometimes Dr. Vu may require some patients to stay overnight in a hospital, though that’s usually only done as an extra precaution for Huntington Beach and Orange County patients who may have pre-existing medical conditions or a history of having a difficult time coming out of general anesthesia, the strong medication that is used to put patients asleep during their plastic surgeries.

The procedures and techniques used by Dr. Vu during breast augmentation surgeries differ according to the type of implants being used. Amongst them, saline and silicon-based implants are the most common.

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Benefits of Breast Augmentation

The benefits of getting breast implants speak for themselves. Research has shown that such procedures improve a woman’s bodily image and self-esteem. However, women are advised to think carefully about their choice and discuss any reservations they might have about the procedure with their doctors first. In general, it has been beneficial for women who –

  • Consider their breasts to be too underdeveloped or small
  • Feel that their breasts are out of proportion
  • Have breast implants currently and are facing complications
  • Feel that their breasts vary in size from one another
  • Have breasts that look unnatural or have an elongated shape

Patients and doctors are advised to implement regular screenings to prevent possible infections or complications after procedures. In the end, breast augmentation depends on a patient’s circumstances and personal choices no matter the type of implants she chooses.

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Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish my breasts were bigger,” or fuller, more voluptuous, and lifted? Breast augmentation can give your breasts that extra oomph you have always dreamed about and help you effortlessly look good in any outfit!

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Is Breast Augmentation Right For You?

Some Huntington Beach and Orange County women opt for getting breast implants for cosmetic reasons in order to enhance their self-image and feel more confident. However, some might use it to reconstruct breasts that have either been removed for breast cancer treatment or damaged due to medical reasons as well. Cosmetic surgeons generally consider women over the age of 22 to be good candidates. This is also a requirement from the FDA since a woman’s breasts may continue to develop during her late teens or early twenties. Additional factors that Dr. Vu considers when screening candidates for surgery include:

  • Being in good general overall health
  • Listening to Dr. Vu explain the procedure and communicating back to him that you have realistic expectations for your surgical results
  • Being a non-smoker, as smoking can complicate your surgery and recovery time
  • Being in good psychological health

Breast Implant Types

Saline Implants

These particular types of implants feel like plastic bags full of water and are made from layers of silicon rubber that come with a valve. The implants are filled with sterile saltwater or saline. Once the implants are inserted, a disposable tube is used to fill them to full size. The valve closes by itself as soon as the tube is withdrawn. However, Dr. Vu will still seal it with an additional sealing tip.
Saline implants come in a variety of sizes. Dr. Vu’s Huntington Beach and Orange County patients can choose between the 150cc to 700cc variety. Smaller sizes in the 150cc to 400cc category can be incremented at 25 to 30cc while more than 50cc increments can be made in 400cc implants.

These implants cost less than those made from silicone gel. They can also be micro adjusted in volume in order to balance the size of each. Huntington Beach and Orange County patients might feel slight wrinkles at the bottom or sides of their breasts after implantation.

Silicone Gel Implants

Also made from several layers of silicon rubber, silicone gel implants, as the name implies, are filled with a plastic gel or silicon. Decades ago their covering was prone to leak since it was more porous in previous models. The silicon that is used to fill up modern silicone breast implants is semi-solid, which makes them less runny as well. Today’s silicone breast implants have been tested several times over and are FDA approved.

Silicone gel implants feel more like natural breasts as compared to their saline-based counterparts. This is also why they cost twice as much. Unlike saline implants, the silicone-based variety cannot be micro adjusted in volume and comes sealed. This may cause the two implants to vary in size. The smallest sizes are available until 400cc.

Other Types of Implants

While most Huntington Beach and Orange County patients choose saline or silicone-based implants for breast augmentation, other options are available to them as well –

Textured Implants

Textured implants have a rough outer cover. Their texture was thought to be necessary when capsule formations were a common occurrence when placing breast implants. Surgeons were of the opinion that the textured shape of these implants reduced the chances of such formations. While textured implants do come in the round variety, patients are also able to choose teardrop-shaped or anatomic shapes.

High Profile Implants

High profile implants allow for more volume and a narrower width. The maximum width is calculated by Dr. Vu by using breast measurements. This is done to prevent possible distortions. For instance, if a short woman has a narrow chest wall and small breasts and she wishes to be a D or C cup, the general standard that is set for her particular frame may not achieve the volume or size that she wants.

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Breast Implant Incision Options

Breast implants can be placed by choosing one of three available incision types performed by Dr. Vu:

  • Periareolar, in which an incision is made along the bottom crease of a woman’s areolas, and then the implants are placed. While this is a great incision type to be used to ensure breast symmetry, it isn’t recommended for women of childbearing age who may want to breastfeed future children because it can cut through milk ducts.
  • Inframammary, in which an incision is made along the bottom crease of the breast, where the breast meets the rib cage. This incision type is hidden by a bra or bikini line so no one will be none the wiser that you’ve had work done.
  • Transaxillary, in which a small incision is made underneath the arm, and then a channel is created to move the implant to the breast site.
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Throughout your consultation process with Dr. Vu, the two of you will discuss which breast incision type is ideal for your unique treatment plan.

What To Expect from Breast Augmentation Surgery

Huntington Beach and Orange County patients might be put under local or general anesthesia before their chosen procedures. The procedure may last between one to two hours. Women are advised to choose surgeons who have an extensive amount of experience with plastic surgeries, such as Southern California’s very own Dr. Vu. The surgeon calls his patient for medical evaluations first. He may ask the patient to stop taking certain types of medication a few days or weeks before the procedure is supposed to take place.

You’ll arrive at the surgical center on your surgery day having fasted at least 12 hours, which is necessary to prevent any unwanted complications from receiving general anesthesia. First, you’ll be called back to a preoperative room where a team of nurses and medical staff will prep you for surgery and monitor your vitals. Then you’ll be wheeled into the operating room and greeted by Dr. Vu.

After the anesthesia takes effect, Dr. Vu makes a small cut either under the breasts, around the nipples, or under the arms. The chosen spot depends on the type of implant, the size of the enlargement, and the patient’s body. The breast implant will be placed in a pocket either above or below the chest muscle. After the implant is in place, Dr. Vu will close the cuts with surgical tape or sutures.

After your surgery, you’ll still be asleep from the general anesthesia you received. You’ll be transferred to a recovery room where you’ll awaken and be monitored by a postoperative medical care team. When you awaken, you’ll have surgical garments which will serve to reduce swelling after your procedure. Once the medical team has determined your safe to go home, you’ll be released into the care of a friend or relative to drive you home for further rest and recovery.

Learn More About Your Breast Augmentation Options In orange county

If you’re interested in getting breast implants from Orange County’s very own Dr. Vu, it’s time to take that next step and schedule an initial consultation. During this appointment, Dr. Vu will interview you about your reasons for wanting new breasts, examine your existing breasts to better determine which surgical procedure to use, and answer any questions you may have.

To schedule an initial consultation today, call California Aesthetic Center in Huntington Beach and Orange County at (714) 848-1133.

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