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Model in Yellow Floral Dress and Red LipstickEvery year, many men and women in Huntington Beach see Dr. Vu for liposuction. After all, it’s one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States with more than 258,000 procedures performed in 2018 alone. This relatively simple procedure can give recipients the ability to get rid of those last few inches of stubborn fatty deposits that haven’t budged through endless diet and exercise.

Though liposuction is simple, you’ll still need to recover. In order to ensure your recovery goes smoothly and without incident, we’ve put together a list of 5 tips you should follow during your recovery after liposuction.

  1. Wear Compression Garments
    This is one of the most important tips for a faster recovery after liposuction. When you wake up in the recovery room after your procedure, Dr. Vu will have already placed a special compression garment over your treated area or areas. You should not remove your compression garments until Dr. Vu has cleared you to do so. If you take off the garment too early, you could interfere with your recovery and negatively affect your surgical results.
  2. Don’t Smoke or Use Nicotine Products
    Huntington Beach men and women know smoking is bad for their overall health, but it’s especially bad when it comes to recovering after a surgical procedure such as liposuction. Smoking restricts blood vessels and prevents your body from healing well. Be sure you’re a non-smoker before you have liposuction, or if you can’t drop the habit, refrain from smoking for at least 2 weeks before and after your liposuction procedure.
  3. Rest
    It’s important for Huntington Beach men and women to remember that liposuction doesn’t just affect the treated areas – it affects the entire body. You will need to truly rest for several days after your procedure. Be sure you take off the recommended time from work and social activities after liposuction. If you have children at home, enlist the help of family or friends around the house for a few days after your liposuction treatment. You may also need to ask them to prepare meals, pick up around the house, and run errands. If you’re unable to find help, try to plan ahead by making freezer meals before your surgery and stocking your fridge and pantry with the essentials.
  4. Maintain A Proper Diet and Stay Hydrated
    A healthy diet and exercise routine is important for everyone, but after you’ve had liposuction, it’s very important to eat a proper diet and stay well hydrated during your recovery. Following this tip will help reduce your swelling and shorten your recovery time. If you need ideas on what to eat after liposuction, ask a member of Dr. Vu’s team, and they can provide you with healthy suggestions.
  5. Avoid Blood Thinning Drugs
    Lastly, Dr. Vu recommends his Huntington Beach liposuction patients avoid using blood-thinning drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin after surgery. If, before your procedure, another doctor has placed you on prescription blood thinners, be sure to let Dr. Vu know. These types of medications can increase your risk of swelling and bleeding during your recovery.

If You Still Have Questions For Dr. Vu, Call California Aesthetic Center Today!

If you’re considering liposuction and you still have questions about the recovery process, and what to expect, Dr. Vu and his team are here to help. He believes in fully educating each of his patients so they can make a decision that’s best for them. Call California Aesthetic Center today to book your initial consultation and to learn more about liposuction.

You can reach his office in Huntington Beach by calling (714) 848-1133.

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