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Closeup of female abdomen in white backgroundHuntington Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Vu finds that his tummy tuck patients are often curious to learn how they can fast track their surgery recovery process. After all, they want to hit the beach as soon as possible!

While everyone’s recovery timeline is unique due to their physique, any pre-existing medical conditions they may have, and their specific surgical plan, it usually takes about 6 weeks to fully recover from a tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty. To make sure you recover in that timeframe – or perhaps even faster – here’s a list of tips to speed up your recovery process.

Wear Your Compression Garment Exactly as Prescribed

Most of Dr. Vu’s Huntington Beach tummy tuck patients will be sent home wearing a compression garment after their surgeries. You’ll want to wear this garment as much and as often as Dr. Vu prescribes. Doing so helps reduce swelling, which in turn helps speed up your recovery time. 

Take All Your Post-Op Medications, And Don’t Skip A Dose

After your tummy tuck, Dr. Vu may prescribe you medications, including painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, to reduce swelling. Make sure you take these medications exactly as prescribed. This means you may need to wake up in the middle of the night to take a dose, but trust us, quicker recovery time will be worth waking up for a few minutes in the wee hours of the morning. 

Have Family, Friends, Or Hired Help Assist You Around the House

Just because you’ve had abdominoplasty doesn’t mean that life doesn’t go on. You still have food to cook, a house to clean, and maybe even children to take care of. Now’s the time to call in your village. Whether you can have family or friends stay with you and help with household chores and childcare, or you hire some help, the more extra hands on board, the better.

Avoid Heavy Exercise For 6 Weeks

Dr. Vu knows it’s hard to tell Huntington Beach men and women to skip the gym. After all, many Surf City residents love working out year-round to maintain their beach bodies. But after abdominoplasty, you’ll need to avoid strenuous exercise, including cardio, weightlifting, and stretching the surgical site. In the meantime, you can take short walks around your home or neighborhood to keep in shape.

Don’t Lift Anything Heavy, Including Small Children

We know it can be tempting to pick up that latest package from Amazon Prime or to hold your child and cuddle. But after a tummy tuck, it just isn’t safe to lift or carry heavy objects. Doing so may delay your recovery time, as well as add other complications.

Avoid Tobacco Products

Dr. Vu’s Huntington Beach abdominoplasty patients are required to quit all tobacco products. It would be best if you resisted the urge to start again after your surgery. For the best and fastest recovery possible, you need proper blood flow to your surgical site. Nicotine products constrict blood vessels and decrease blood flow, making it harder for your body to heal from surgery.

Call Us To Learn More About Recovering from Abdominoplasty

If you’d like to learn additional tips for recovering quickly from abdominoplasty, the best thing you can do is speak with Huntington Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Vu himself. To schedule an appointment, call his practice today at (714) 848-1133.

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