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Brunette Model With Beautiful Facial Skin and Large LipsIf you suffer from asymmetry of the breasts, it’s important to know you’re not alone. At least 85% of women in the United States have some degree of breast asymmetry. However, some may be more noticeable than others leading to a cosmetic appearance some women are embarrassed by. But there’s good news! Breast asymmetry isn’t something you have to live with! Dr. Vu of California Aesthetic Center in Huntington Beach can help balance your breasts by placing breast implants during a breast augmentation surgery.

Call Dr. Vu today to schedule your initial one-on-one appointment to discuss how breast augmentation surgery can repair your breast asymmetry and restore your self-confidence.

Why Does Breast Asymmetry Occur?

Asymmetry of the breasts is something that changes though the course of a woman’s life. It is defined as a difference in the form, position, or volume of a woman’s breasts. Women in Huntington Beach may experience breast asymmetry because of hormonal changes at different stages of life:

  • During puberty
  • When taking birth control pills
  • During pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Approaching or during menopause

Most women who experience asymmetry of the breasts due to hormonal changes will eventually return to their normal shape and size after a period of time. However, some women’s breasts never match in size or shape.

Regardless of how your asymmetrical breasts came to be, Dr. Vu can restore their symmetry through breast augmentation. There are a couple of important aspects of this procedure that allow Dr. Vu to achieve a balanced look:

  • The implant size, shape, and profile
  • The incision type to be used

When Huntington Beach women visit Dr. Vu to discuss their breast augmentation procedure, they will need to make several decisions:

  • Do I want silicone breast implants, which look and feel more like natural breasts? Or do I want saline breast implants, which are round and provide more cleavage?
  • How big do I want to go overall?
  • Should I only have one implant placed into the smaller breast or address both?
  • Will round or teardrop shaped implants be better for my body type?
  • How far out do I want my breasts to project from my chest when my breast augmentation is completed?
  • What type of incision should I choose? And how much scarring will I be okay with?

These are all good questions to ask yourself before coming in for your breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Vu, but they need to be thoroughly discussed with him as well. It’s important that he understands what your desires are for your final results so he can provide you with a look you’ll be thrilled to see.

Call Dr. Vu at California Aesthetic Center in Huntington Beach Today

Dr. Vu has developed his practice on the belief that each of his patients should feel welcomed, safe, and comfortable during their entire experience at his clinic. He cares about the overall health and well being of every patient he sees and understands how frustrating asymmetrical breasts can be for women in Huntington Beach. If you’ve been suffering from asymmetry of the breasts since puberty, or even since menopause, stop! Let Dr. Vu provide you with renewed self-confidence and a balanced figure you can be proud of.

Call his office today at (714) 848-1133 to schedule your initial breast augmentation consultation.

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