Real Patient Question: Breast Augmentation Recovery | Dr. Vu

Breast Augmentation and Recovery

Real Patient Question:

I had my BA done last Thursday (8/27), everything went well, I picked 300cc moderate plus which I think it’s good for me. I have no complain about anything except My stomach is way bigger, I’m feeling bloated even after I tried using laxative. Also, before my surgery I weighted 107lbs, I hardly ate anything after my BA, but I am now 113lbs-114lbs. I wonder what cause all this? And for how long?

Dr. Vu’s Answer:

You are probably suffering from paralytic ileus which is a common condition following anesthesia and is a side effect of narcotic use. Once you are able to ambulate and are off narcotic prescription your bowel movements will return to normal. You may need to take laxatives and increase fiber in your diet until you are regular.

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