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5 Tips For A Faster Recovery After Liposuction

Every year, many men and women in Huntington Beach see Dr. Vu for liposuction. After all, it’s one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States with more than 258,000 procedures performed in 2018 alone....
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What Are The Incision Techniques For A Breast Lift?

If you’re considering a breast lift with Dr. Vu at his Huntington Beach location, you probably already know about many of the amazing benefits of this cosmetic procedure. Dr. Vu can improve the shape, size, and appearance of your breasts and restore your overall self-confidence. ...
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Does Liposuction Permanently Remove Fat?

With one of the most amazing beaches in Southern California, Huntington Beach men and women are constantly outside enjoying life! Shorts and swimsuits are a must, and you should be confident when you’re wearing them....
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